A gift landed on my desk

And last week, a gift landed on my desk with the notice, ‘Maybe this book would interest you?’
The gift was from Strandberg Publishing. The book presents Marie Gudme Leth and her work. The author is Kirsten Toftegaard.

Kirsten Toftegaard (b. 1951) is a curator at Designmuseum Danmark, where she has worked with the museum’s textile and fashion collection since 1997. Kirsten graduated as a graphic and textile designer from the School of Arts and Crafts (now Royal Danish Academy – Design) and holds an MA in history from the University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University in Sweden.

The book is both big, literally, and comprehensive.
It is a hybrid of a personal account, where Kirsten Toftegaard’s personal voice shines through, and a historical documentation of textile craft during the 20th century, with an emphasis on textile printing seen through the lens of Marie Gudme Leth’s work.
The book is full of quotations about the field in general and Marie Gudme Leth’s work in particular, and Kirsten Toftegaard is very thorough in her registration of sources.

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