Violet Advent

In my childhood home, violet was the colour of Advent, while red was reserved for Christmas Eve.
I still favour that distinction; I love shades of violet and minimize the use of red. Meaning, I (joyfully) hang red decorations and ornaments on 23 December and box them all up again on the 26th.

The liturgical colours of the Church year are the colours that are used in vestments and other ecclesiastical textiles to mark the different times and seasons during the Church year or specific ecclesiastical ceremonies. Violet symbolizes spirituality, seriousness, passion, repentance and atonement. Violet is used during Advent and Lent.

That ought to mean violet candles in the Advent wreath; it doesn’t, this year, but it does mean violet Christmas calendar candles, now that they are available.

The photos in this series were taken in Igor Nodari’s cabinetmaking workshop in northern Jutland.

This years SE echibition is held at Sophienholm

I generally think book gifts are always a great idea

You are a sort of an ambassador – am I right?


I look forward to showing you this place

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