When good wins out over evil!

A few days ago I spoke with Simple Goods founder, Lene Egly.

She explained that she had founded Simple Goods because she had looked in vain for a product that would live up to her and her family’s demands of being effective, organic and, thus, eco-friendly.

When Lene embarked on the project four years ago, she knew next to nothing about cleaning products, apart from the basics that everyone knows. She also did not know that the answer to her quest was probiotics.

Her extensive search for a manufacturer that was interested in joining her on this quest and willing to produce relatively small batches eventually led her to a company in Luxembourg.

This manufacturer is deeply interested in probiotics and works with scientists from three Benelux universities. One of these research teams is just about to publish a large study of the beneficial effect of using probiotic cleaning products in hospitals. The study lays out how many hospitalizations result in patients becoming infected by harmful bacteria and the number of infections (and resulting deaths) that can be avoided by the use of cleaning products containing live probiotic bacteria.

I am now wearing slippers from Dahlman. Who doesn’t need handsome slippers these days?

Helle Rude Trolle is presenting the outcome of her project, ‘Atlas over himlens blå’.

From an early stage in her studies, Ragnhild, who was born and raised in the Faroe Islands

Our fig tree had been providing us with generous amounts ...

Art piece by Mie Olise from the exhibition KUNSTSALONEN

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