One of many possibilities

You can use the HÅNDVÆRK bookazine in many different ways.

One possibility is to use it as a guide. In the back of each bookazine is an overview of the persons and companies featured in the issue.

When you shop for Christmas presents for family and friends, remember that your money makes a difference. What you support will flourish, whether you buy from big or small companies.

I had been invited to a visit at Österlen Saffran

Thea’s new baking school

Would you like some help finding a gift for your mum, dad, son, daughter or friend?

This exhibition is Morten Løbner Espersens largest

Last year in November I spend a few days on Bornholm t

Dansk version - tale fra lanceringen af HÅNDVÆRK bookazine d. 30. september 2022.


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Rigetta Klint, designer, writer and photographer about people, clothes, objects and food that give more to the world th…