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Since Svend Bonde and he´s Glyngøre Shellfish today is honored as Royal Court Supplier, I will here let you read an article about him and he´s work from HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 1

Limfjord oysters are in season in March, April and May and again from September to December. Stocks vary from year to year, in part as a result of variations in water temperature.
There are lean years, and there are fat years! Currently, nature is being generous, says Svend.
Most of the catch is exported. Danish demand is fairly modest, limited to a few top-tier restaurants and some private customers who buy online and have shellfish delivered to their doorstep from Svend’s wholesale company, Glyngøre Shellfish.

Glyngøre Shellfish handles the distribution not only of Svend’s catch but also of oysters from other local fishermen. The company has a hall with three large basins. Here the live oysters are kept in water from the sound until they are exported or sent to Danish buyers.

Initially, S:KØN was just intended to be sold in my little tearoom at Kronborg Castle. But soon,

‘Please welcome KARL: a minimalist brush and dustpan set designed in metal and wood.’

She has done it again – Anne Fabricius Møller, who is behind Udstillingssted for Tekstil

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 4, which has ‘plant-based’

She has previously, in periods, created hand-painted scarves.

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