Grist to the mill

I just finished work on HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 5, which will be released in connection with 3daysofdesign in mid September. You can preorder your copy here

One of the makers you can meet in the bookazine is the master mosaicist Bella Ferlov, who runs an organic grocery shop in her spare time. Bella says in the bookazine: ‘Logically speaking, I should close the shop. It does not contribute significantly to my economy, but I have come to realize that my life does not revolve exclusively around what is economically profitable but, instead, around what I enjoy to do. (...) The shop gives me a degree of diversity that I appreciate. It has enabled me to venture into a whole new world that I have had to learn the workings of. I enjoy learning something new.’

So do I, it is part of my motivation for creating bookazines.

When I made HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 4 (which you can buy here), one of the new topics I learned about was regenerative farming. Architect and seed manufacturer Signe Voltelen introduced and drew my attention to the concept.

In spring, I noticed two young women, Emilie and Ingeborg, on Instagram. They both have a degree in Natural Resources from the University of Copenhagen and work with organic regenerative farming on the Danish island of Funen. Not just any old place on Funen, mind you, but on a farm in the area where I was born and raised.

BAK suncare probiotic

I have followed developments from the sidelines, ever since BAK launched its first products a few years ago

The elder trees are in bloom, and I have made elderflower cordial

Until the end of June you can see the group exhibition ‘LOUD VOLUMES SOFT STUFF’

Arts and culture aren’t the icing on the cake!

A hop, skip and a jump from Copenhagen lies Form/Design Center

The posters are printed in Sweden on 240 g Nordic Swan Ecolabel paper,


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