‘While I was taking the photos for the article on pages 10–17, I stayed in the archipelago south of Stockholm, an island landscape that is celebrated by Stockholmers and tourists alike, and for good reason. During my first years in Stockholm I thought maybe the archipelago was a bit overrated. Honestly, this was because I missed Danish nature and landscapes, missed feeling at home. Funen’s gently rolling hills speak my language and sing my songs. The previous summer I found, to my delight, that returning to the archipelago was like coming home, and when I listened carefully, the wind sang beautiful Swedish summer songs that resonated in my heart.’

My feelings about Danish Shrovetide buns versus Swedish ‘semlor’ have followed a somewhat similar trajectory. The Danish buns are part of the tradition I grew up with; semlor are a treat I encountered in Stockholm.

On Instagram I read that the Japanese design collective Buaisou

This year, my New Year’s bubbly is not wine but ... soap!

Most people want Christmas to be a repeat broadcast – exactly as last year, or almost.

Recently, Marianne Johnstad wrote to invite me to see the exhibition

The shop is called Honning (Honey) and was launched by Katrine Klinken

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