again and again - the elder trees are in bloom

The elder trees are in bloom, and I have made elderflower cordial (with plenty of lemon), I sprinkle elderflowers on my strawberries, I have made elderflower sugar and I have made elderflower fritters – sweet, rich and sinful for anyone minding their calories and, for the rest of us, the world’s best midsummer snack or dessert.

For MANY elderflower heads, mix a batter of:

250 ml whole milk
100 ml sparkling water
2 tbsp sugar
2 pinches of salt
250 g wheat flour
zest from one lemon
3 eggs

neutral-flavoured oil for cooking

I visited Anne Mette Larsen’s KANT Gallery (Edge Gallery) in St. Kongensgade

Visiting Halland, Sweden

A hop, skip and a jump from Copenhagen lies Form/Design Center

The posters are printed in Sweden on 240 g Nordic Swan Ecolabel paper,

In recent years, I had come across the concept of a ‘seaweed mattress’ several times.

The bookazine features beeswax food wraps from the socioeconomic Bistad and from ‘Bevar det vel’ [Preserve It Well].


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