Decideret Cider uses organic apples, including apples from Fejø, some of them cider apples but mainly eating apples: Ingrid Marie, Cox Orange and Belle de Boskoop. They also use windfall fruit.

That is how it began. On their bicycles, the three of them went round and picked up fruit that would otherwise have been left to spoil. They no longer get round on bikes, at least not to gather apples, but work with a company that gathers apples for them on the island of Funen as well as a standing offer that people can trade in 10 kg of apples for a bottle of cider if they drop off their fruit at the company’s Nordhavn facility.

3daysofdesign -what really interests me is

Bruunshåb Gl. Papfabrik is a working factory mu­seum.

HÅNDVÆRK is available from many design shops, museum shops, bookshops and well-assorted kiosks.

About a collection with distinctly Scandinavian references and a simultaneously solid and airy quality

The cultural history of tableware and many other related topics are a field that Lars Hedebo Olsen has studied in depth.

Fig marmelade? The recipe here worked for me:


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