...Even though all this gardening knowledge and, not least, the thorough management of the garden almost make me ashamed of how unsystematic and haphazard I am in managing our own little plot of land and its potential, I nevertheless take the liberty of showing a few photos from my wild garden, where I am occasionally able to harvest enough for a meal or at least supplement what I bought with the fruits of our own labour.

This year, my affinity for flowering cabbage plants is getting in the way of my desire to put in new plants; I need to find a compromise. Meanwhile self-sown Jerusalem artichokes are presenting an obstacle for planting out lettuce …

This is a reprint to mark the recent launch of another beautiful pair of Bartels shoe

Can I see your new garden, and can you tell me why you are becoming a beekeeper

The exhibition The colour comes from inside – Louise Sass,

I first met Rick Gerner and Johanne Jahncke in late 2017.

Fifth and final section of my Easter serial

4. Easter - Here I dive into my professional back catalogue from the years I spent working mainly with fashion.


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