BAK suncare probiotic

Happy Summer Holidays!

I have followed developments from the sidelines, ever since BAK launched its first products a few years ago – my son-in-law works in the company, and a former business partner, Helle Forum, gave me an in-depth introduction to the concept of probiotics.

Things are going well for BAK; the company recently relaunched their existing product line along with several new additions in updated and really lovely packaging on their great and informative website.
This is where you should get your sun protection products, if you ask me. I am a great fan of the oil in particular.

It is SPF 15, and at first I was actually looking for an ever higher Sun Protection Factor!

But BAK explains that in order to add as few chemicals as possible – because sunscreen is chemical – the products contain algae, which optimize the sun protection and have other beneficial effects for your skin.

The elder trees are in bloom, and I have made elderflower cordial

Until the end of June you can see the group exhibition ‘LOUD VOLUMES SOFT STUFF’

Arts and culture aren’t the icing on the cake!

A hop, skip and a jump from Copenhagen lies Form/Design Center

The posters are printed in Sweden on 240 g Nordic Swan Ecolabel paper,

In recent years, I had come across the concept of a ‘seaweed mattress’ several times.


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