Life cycle, annual wheel, design process – whatever we do, there is a similar rhythm, even if it takes on different forms.
First you plant a seed, then you nurture and wait patiently, and then you harvest. And then you start over.

This is literally the way it is when you farm the land and grow crops. It is also like that when I produce a bookazine, and it was like that many years ago, when I worked as a fashion designer.

Loshult is a town in Sweden’s Scania region, half a kilometre from the regional border to Småland

Vædeled Farm has become Vild Hvede (Wild Wheat).

Kornets Hus in Hjørring aims to promote and develop Danish culinary culture by highlighting the full potential and many uses of grain.

I met Poul Christiansen for a talk in Odense, at Le Klint, which he has created designs for since 1967.

Emma von Brömssen and Daniel Långelid both graduated, some years apart, from Gothenburg University, Academy of Design and Crafts.

The Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild’s presented the exhibition Carpentry Craft Kbh at Moltke’s Palace


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