Rigetta Klint

Rigetta Klint is behind the web mag HÅNDVÆRK and the print bookazine HÅNDVÆRK.

Rigetta is a designer, writer and photographer
Besides her work on HÅNDVÆRK, she works as a freelance consultant, curator and photographer.

Rigetta about Rigetta:

For more than 35 years my work has revolved around crafts and design.
Initially as a designer and now, since 2008, as a photographer and writer.
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I am passionate about storytelling, and in my visual style I aims to create a calm oasis, whether my storytelling deals with people, food, fashion or interiors.
In my publishing activities I present carefully curated content with aesthetic sustainability as the key focus.

Aesthetic sustainability – what does that mean?

I have sometimes used the word SLOW as a general descriptive term, beginning while I was in the fashion business. I was one of the first in the world to speak of SLOW FASHION.

SLOW, in this context, should not be understood to mean sluggish or lax. I am pretty hard-working myself, and so are the people I write about. I use the term SLOW to reflect that what I deal with in my work is the result of thorough and thoughtful processes and that it is consumed slowly due to the inherent quality it possesses. A product with inherent quality is one that is characterized by carefully thought-out design, durable, hardwearing materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

I am interested in people, clothes, objects and food that give more to the world than they take – tomorrow’s heirlooms!

Is SLOW associated with a particular aesthetic, and does HÅNDVÆRK have a particular aesthetic?

Yes and no.
Yes, because in this context, it is shaped by my personal perspective and thus my personal aesthetic.
Yes, because HÅNDVÆRK has a durable character and thus draws on classical aspects of beauty.
No, because, thankfully, the truth about what is beautiful and what is ugly is in constant transformation. That is what makes aesthetic work so rewarding: it keeps you constantly on your toes and on the move.
Sometimes, the shifts can be quite dramatic, but usually they are fairly subtle – a new angle, a different colour, a new combination.

I believe that craftsmanship, handwork, is the path to sustainable and durable practices

I am convinced that the most viable and reliable path to a sustainable lifestyle is to always choose quality! That the most straightforward and intuitive path to understanding quality is based on knowledge of craftsmanship and material properties!

That is my main focus, along with an interest in contemporary makers, artisans and craftspeople. Who are they, what do they do, and how and why do they do it? In other words, I am interested in discovering what characterizes this living tradition.

Products based on craftsmanship and craft knowledge are not just exclusive items for affluent buyers or die-hard enthusiasts. Craftsmanship is also a factor in quality product development and thus a condition for widely accessible and affordable industrial products with sufficient quality to last for generations.

Crafts may be part of professional development and production processes, but they may also be a leisure activity, handed down from generation to generation or based on instruction from a skilled teacher. Hobby-based crafts provide a good hands-on understanding of quality, and they provide a calm space in everyday life. And peace of mind is a source of personal durability.

If you are familiar with new developments I ought to know about, or if you are interested in how I might help you or your company, you are welcome to contact me at info@haandvaerkbookazine.comor tel. +45 3173 1121.

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