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The blue yarn

The Blue Yarn is a patchwork of Karin Erlandsson´s own knitting experiences and insights, historical facts


Visiting the spinning mill Hjelholt on the south of the island of Funen


From HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 9 about Petit Knit and founder Mette Wendelboe Okkels


Anneberg Kulturpark (Anneberg Culture Park) at the former mental asylum in Nykøbing Sjælland is a


The rental section of Tidens Samling has Denmark’s largest private collection of clothes and shoes, including


Based on Green Care principles, Grennessminde offers specially tailored three-year education programmes to young people with

Craft Residence Hall

Wow – stunning architecture, beautiful materials everywhere, open, bright and welcoming. ‘Exclusive’ is the first word

Behind the scenes

The HÅNDVÆRK bookazine team consists of proofreader Cornelius Holck Colding, translator Dorte Herholdt Silver and graphic

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